March 10, 2014

Welcome Home to

Currently celebrating our 10th anniversary online, began life in 2004 as the ATV Website, celebrating the classic ITV company. Soon the site settled on the moniker of ATVLand and more closely focussed on the Midlands operations of ATV, in particular the programmes, people and behind the scenes stories related to the ATV Centre, ATV’s Birmingham-based studio complex. This led directly to our 2 DVD series, “From ATVLAND in Colour” and the international award-winning “From Headlines to ‘Tight-Lines’ – The Story of ATV Today”.

And why ‘ATV Land’? It’s a nickname, coined by Tiswas in the 70s… “Answers on a postcard to Tiswas, ATV Land, Birmingham, B1 2JP”.

In Colour – this is ATV Land.